The police beat the woman, and then she was arrested in New Jersey

NEW JERSEY - MAY 30, 2018

A New Jersey officer brutally beat a girl in the head during an arrest on Memorial Day weekend.

According to witness the incident started when two officers come to Emily Weinman, 20, and asked for her age because there was alcohol near her. Then they said that it is not right to drink alcohol in a public place where they are. One of the officer added he is going to arrest her despite her telling them that she was at the beach with her young daughter.

“I was gonna let you go but now I’ll write you up and arrest after” the cop said.

He started coming towards her to put handcuffs. The young woman cautiously backed up from him, tripped and fell. The cop tackled her to the ground and smashed her head into the sand.

Within moments, she blacked out and tried to get up and push the officer off. He started to beat and strangle her.

The witnesses made the 50-second video of this incident. They are heard standing around recording the incident on their phones, as a baby is crying in the background. That baby is Weinman's 18-month-old daughter.

'Stop resisting!' one of the officers shout on video before the other is seen hitting her twice in the head before body slamming her on her back.

“I was not resisting. I didn't do anything wrong,” said Weinman herself to police after.

She posted the incident on Facebook with a lengthy description of what happened.

Weinman admitted that she should've just given the officer her name to avoid the incident, but 'the whole situation was iffy and I didn’t trust it' she said.

She also said that she is underage, but she hadn't been drinking. She said she shared the video because the 'situation was handled wrongly and blew out of proportion'.

According to police the officers in the video are from the Wildwood Police Department.

Also, they added that Weinman was arrested after she spat at one of the officers, assaulted by kicking him in the groin and then running away, which the video does not show.

Wildwood Police are conducting an internal investigation. Weinman was charged with aggravated assault on a police officer.

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