USA as it is. True media about the real life.

Today, US citizens do not receive objective and independent information about events occurring on the territory of America and around the world.

“The USA Really. Wake Up Americans” project  is focused to promote crucial information and problems, which are hushed up by the conventional American media controlled by the political elites and oligarchy of the United States.

In post truth situation and globalized communications it is important to recover quality journalism and feedback from ordinary citizens for real democratic process in US that suffers from political lobbies and old clichés of Cold War narratives.

Democracy and freedom of speech which traditionally is honor of US and were promoted for decades now under attack of US politicians itself. To reverse this situation our media was established with idea  of honestly and unbiasedly talks about what is really happening in the US.

We are looking for contributors from different states with no matter of social status, political engagement and ideological  preferences.

Our goal is to keep real democracy strong and to discuss current events that  effects our daily life.

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