Trump Is Ready for a Big Push


WASHINGTON, DC – July 26, 2018

Trump continues his work by clearing the political landscape from the debris left behind from the liberals who have dominated American politics in recent decades. Trump came to power as a representative of specific political forces focused on fixing key sections of the US economy, but these forces are still poorly represented in the Government and media. This is due to the fact that the managerial and educational structures of the US have been under the control of bankers and financiers for several decades, forces which privileged the interests of international finance capital over ordinary people. However, this model of the world economy based on the control of transnational banks and the dollar is no longer feasible. It simply no longer provides economic growth. We are now witnessing the biggest economic crisis since 2008. This crisis was partially dampened by pumping new money into the economy, but this only delayed and deepened the problem, now it is obvious to everyone. To change this situation, it is necessary to change the model of economic development. That's why Trump decided to enter into politics. Nonetheless, he can't change the model without making structural changes to the system itself. This is why he has garnered the hatred of the media and has been sabotaged by the deep state.  However, despite the anti-trump campaign, he continues to clean the Augean stables. The most important point (the center of the confrontation if you like) for the Trump administration is to reestablish a firm control over the Fed. Away from the dictatorial “independence” of the Rothschild & Soros financial hyenas & pirañas and toward large low-interest investments in the real economy, in real economic infrastructures.

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