Making a “Big Deal” Over CSA Confederate Symbols Is More Sinister Than It Appears

Twitter/Nikki Junewicz

It is human nature to do the opposite of what is supposed to be our best interests, especially when we are told that government and a few people “in-the-know” know best.

One the things which artificially divides America the most, and not by happenstance, is the never-ending debate over Civil War monuments and whose version of history counts the most. At present the mainstream media is trying to make a “big deal” out of the number of Tennesseans who are displaying memorial plates for their ancestors, who may have fought in the Civil War and happened to have been on the losing side. No question is asked whether some of these may be civil libertarians who are making a statement by saying that a person has the right to make a political statement in support of freedom of speech for those who want to make a statement via the plate or bumper sticker they have on their car.

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