The Manor Boyz on Their Heels

RICHMOND, CA — July 22, 2018

About half a dozen members of a menacing Richmond, California based street gang linked to a criminal network have been apprehended and put behind bars. The announcement of the arrest of members of the ominous group, known as the Manor Boyz, was made by the FBI and the Richmond Police on Wednesday at a news conference at the Richmond Police Department's Regatta Boulevard headquarters. “This is a case that has impacted the people of the city of Richmond and the Bay Area should not live in fear,” said FBI Special Agent John Bennett. The police said members of the gang were responsible for cases of shootings, home invasions in various places, human trafficking (including the sex trade) and homicides. Their criminal acts date as far back as July, 2016 to the most recent which happened in May this year, the murder of Alexandria Sweitzer. a Discovery Bay area woman. It was reported that she was killed during a drug transaction when their was a disagreement, in the parking lot of Richmond’s Booker T. Anderson Park, over how much she was supposed to pay. The murder case has led to the arrest of a fifteen year old boy in connection to it. Two other suspects are still being sought, Teari Watts, 21 years old, in connection with Sweitzer’s death, as well as on suspicion of robbery and gang-enhancement charges and conspiracy and his younger brother Josha Watts, 19, for a probation violation.

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