The Policeman Used Force Again, Killing a Young Girl by Accident

LAREDO, TEXAS – May, 26, 2018

A Border Patrol agent shot killed accidentally a woman who had crossed the border illegally near Laredo in Texas after the officer came under attack.

It was happened when the officer was searching for “illegal activity” on the street in Rio Bravo about seven miles south of Laredo. A group of undocumented immigrants started to hit him with “blunt objects." And so the policeman fired with his handgun, fatally striking the woman in the head.

A woman who live next door sayed that the property doesn't have a culvert and that she didn't see any weapons that the group could have used.

"They were on the very corner on that lot where there was a tree,” said the woman, Marta V. Martinez. “There was no weapon. They were hiding.”

The gunshot rang out about 10 feet from her house. There were no other sounds.

After the gunshot, she ran outside, saw Border Patrol agents swarming her block on Centeno Lane. She then saw over a fence an officer flip over a woman’s body.The left side of her face was covered in blood.

“She was very young, near 20,” said Ms. Martinez.

The officer began doing chest compressions on the woman, but she was already died.

The F.B.I. is investigating this incident with the shooting and killing.

Last year, there were 17 times using firearms by Border Patrol agents, a decrease from 55 in 2012, according to Customs and Border Protection. The federal agency does not identify how many of the episodes were fatal.


Author: USA Really


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