Duende Diary (I)

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I  am El duende,  the spirit of evocation. I was born about 500 years ago; I do not remember exactly when. My memory doesn’t serve me so well now. The last 100 years I still remember, but what was before, I only have a vague idea ... That's why I decided to start a diary. Mi señora de la Casa… Dona… My mistress and I moved here recently. I don't know why she needed it, but people, especially those as young as my mistress is, tend to change. Now we are here. A new home, a new country, a new culture, a new language. As to the language… I rarely talk to people. Very few can hear me. My interlocutors are a cat, a parrot, and a turtle. But with a cat it's good to play, not to talk. He is young and a bit stupid because of this. The turtle is always on the brakes, and the parrot is a snob and a real bore ... So, I'll write it down. I'll write in English. Uncomfortable, unusual but my mistress says that we must speak only in English, even with ourselves. Well, I'll try.

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