White House Perceptibly Falls Under the Ground

WASHINGTON – May, 24, 2018

The failure of the soil formed near the White house in Washington. These information with the photos were posted on Twitter by an American reporter Steve Herman.

«This week I’ve been observing a sinkhole on the White house North Lawn, just outside the press briefing room, growing larger by the day» Herman wrote on Twitter.

To escape any incidents, White House groundskeepers covered the sinkhole with a wooden board and sectioned it off with orange cones and caution tape.

"On Sunday, May 20, a small sinkhole was found on the north White House grounds near the entrance to the press briefing room," Anzelmo-Sarles said in a statement to ABC News. "The National Park Service has been monitoring the situation and is bringing in some additional experts to help best determine a remedy. Sinkholes, like this one, are common occurrences in the Washington area following heavy rain like the DC metro area has experienced in the last week. We do not believe it poses any risk to the White House or is representative of a larger problem." said National Park Service spokeswoman Jenny Anzelmo-Sarles.

At the same time, The National Park Service will conduct further assessments of the ground on the territory of the White house and around that to fully make sure that it's not in danger.

photo: qz.com

Author: Usa Really


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