Scientists: the Explosion of the star Betelgeuse will evaporate the oceans on Earth

FLORIDA - JUNE 1, 2018

Media reported about the danger of the explosion of the star Betelgeuse. It can supposedly dry all the water on the surface of the Earth.

Betelgeuse is a bright red supergiant situated in the Orion constellation that could go supernova at any time. Researchers predict that at a distance of around 640 light years away, Betelgeuse could have gone supernova at any time since the 14th century onwards. The thing is because it’s one of the brightest stars in the sky, and only 13% of its energy output is visible to the human eye; we wouldn’t know even if had gone supernova.

According to astronomers, Betelgeuse can detonate at any time, but it also includes a period of 1 million years. Media reported that the danger may vary depending on the position of the object. Among the threat scenarios is damage to the ozone layer and evaporation from the ocean.

Author: USA Really


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