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[sticky post] Breaking! USA Really Website Is Under Attack!

The USA Really website has been blocked by the host-provider due to an anonymous complaint received from “a journalist from the U.K.” Thus, the informational war against us has reached a new level. 

After our social media accounts have been blocked numerous times, our website itself came under attack this morning, as it was blocked.

It is not yet known who sent the complaint, stating, “I was wondering if you could tell me if Server4You hosts the domain USAReally.com? And if so, are you aware that USAReally’s chief financial officer was just indicted by the Department of Justice in America for allegedly defrauding the U.S.?”

This “hero” and brainwashed “social justice warrior” could be anyone, hiding under the mask of “a journalist from the U.K.”

The “journalist’s” complaint refers to the phony accusation by Washington war hawks against Federal News Agency chief accountant Elena Khusyaynova

USA Really is certain that this is nothing more than a new battle in the war on freedom of speech and the true American values that we propagate; we won’t tolerate it and we feel persistent enough to fight for our rights to convey the news that the mainstream American media doesn’t cover, so as to help our audience know the truth.  


Experts: Jesse Dominick

So yesterday was Halloween, that beloved American holiday. Perhaps you dressed up and took your kids out for candy, or perhaps you went to a party down at the local rec center or at the local school or at your church. Or, maybe, you did nothing. But however each of us personally celebrates or doesn’t celebrate, of course, we’re all inundated with Halloween all around us—there’s no escaping it.

And every year, without fail, my Facebook feed blows up with discussions (debates?) about the history of Halloween—is it Christian or pagan in origin? About how it’s most appropriate to celebrate it now, and especially—if it’s appropriate at all to celebrate it. Of course, these questions come most of all from well-meaning, sincere Christians, who see images of ghosts and witches and devils and slutty nurses and the like all around them, and thus have to wonder if there’s any redeeming value in this day.


The question often turns to the history of the day. Some will say it dates back to the Celtic festival of Samhain—a pagan festival, and others will vigorously debate this. Others will point out, rightly, that the word “Halloween” comes from “All Hallow’s Eve”—it’s the day before the Catholic feast of All Saints, with “hallow” meaning “saint” or “holy.”

Though I am an Orthodox Christian and I honor God’s saints, I want to say right out that, either way, the historical question is absolutely useless for the question before us, of whether to participate or not today.

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Experts: Seraphim Hanisch 

We are in a propaganda war unlike anything anyone ever expected in the United States.

As recently as the 1970's and 1980's, freedom of speech was taught and vaunted as one of our most precious rights, and the Soviet Union's history of oppression was the catalyst by which love of the right of free speech was protected.

Do not let go of this freedom, or we will become like them, we were told.

But in the most recent years we are seeing media control in very clear ways. 

On October 11th, 2018, Facebook's internal news site noted that it was removing what it calls "inauthentic news sites":

Removing Additional Inauthentic Activity from Facebook

Today, we’re removing 559 Pages and 251 accounts that have consistently broken our rules against spam and coordinated inauthentic behavior. Given the activity we’ve seen — and its timing ahead of the US midterm elections — we wanted to give some details about the types of behavior that led to this action. Many were using fake accounts or multiple accounts with the same names and posted massive amounts of content across a network of Groups and Pages to drive traffic to their websites. Many used the same techniques to make their content appear more popular on Facebook than it really was. Others were ad farms using Facebook to mislead people into thinking that they were forums for legitimate political debate.

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flickr.com/Frederic Ndao

Experts: Jeffrey Silverman

Keeping up with what is going on in the US is easier at times from a safe distance, as when you are too close to something you cannot see clearly, like shoving a paper to your nose and trying to read it. But you can see more clearly from a safe distance what the US is doing to other countries than what it is doing to itself and to its own citizens.

What makes me see RED is all the “rigmarole” over upcoming US elections, and what immediately comes to mind as a “pet peeve” is basically how everybody is being forced to choose only one of two political extremes, each of the two main parties insisting its adherents believe only one way about absolutely everything they do and think about. Perhaps they are only doing it to themselves, using social media, which exists due to relatively recent technological advances to quickly spread their singular and agenda-driven ideologies.

Who is behind the rapidly increasing polarization of singular thinking? Are there sinister forces hidden within the government as many are suspecting? Is the President of the US really at the very top of the "powers that be" pyramid?

The answers are in the eye of the beholders and how well he or she may have been brainwashed by the media and what passes as education in this age. And anyone like me, a socialist, is called a member of a “fringe party” and a potential spoiler, as was the case of a close election involving Ralph Nader as a third-party dark horse candidate.

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Experts: Luis Lázaro Tijerina

Recently a former Army comrade of mine sent me a link to a news item regarding a Vermont legislator who happens to be African American, and the consequences she endured running for a legislative position in Vermont. Although I am Mexican American living in Vermont and therefore normally very cognizant of racism here, not to mention observing the stifling political correctness permeating urban areas like the Yuppified city of Burlington,  I was not aware of the tragic plight of Kiah Morris and how she paid a fearful price for running for elected state office in Vermont. Winning a legislative seat in Vermont in 2014, she would leave that positon after she and her family were constantly threatened, harassed with racist threats, and ultimately she resigned as a legislator in 2016. After hearing about what she endured in Vermont for being a very sincere political activist, I realized her humiliation is a harbinger of the worst to come for national minority candidates who sought office from even a progressive political position, let alone running for office as an establishment Democrat. And so, white supremacism and xenophobia contributed to ending the first Black woman legislator's pioneering efforts in the state of Vermont.

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Experts: Pradeep Banerjee

The 'largest living thing' on Earth is dying due to reckless human interference, scientists have revealed.

Pando (Latin for "I spread out" ), the "Trembling Giant," as it is popularly known, is a sprawling carpet of vibrant green-yellow quaking aspens connected by one sprawling root system that occupies more than 100 acres outside the Fishlake National Forest in Utah. This ancient marvel of nature is thousands of years Although scientists don't exactly know how old this ancient marvel is, most estimates put its age to be approximately 80,000 years.

It got its nickname because of the leaves which stir easily even in the gentlest of breeze and produce a fluttering sound with only the slightest provocation. The effect of this in Pando, multiplied over the tens of thousands of trees and a hundred acres, can be unnerving, giving a real sense of life to this ancient, trembling giant.

However, in recent years a tragedy has quietly been unfolding. This beacon symbolizing the resilience of life is ultimately dying. While the death of mature stems of Pando because of eternal problems of pests and drought is a routine affair, the regenerative roots of the organism that are responsible for Pando’s resilience are also under attack now. And as always, we humans, particularly Americans are to blame for it.  

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Experts: Jesse Dominick

In my last piece, I delved into the phenomenon of the absolute belligerence and lack of reason/rationality that spews forth from the political Left on a regular basis. Of course, since I wrote that piece, this has only continued and will continue, possibly until Kingdom come.

But since then, other fun events have happened that reminded me of another long-running problem with the Left: its blatant racism.

Yes, while irrational leftists scream and cry that Republicans and Trump are “literally Hitler,” it’s actually the Democrats that are the party of racism, and that have always been. Check out Dinesh D’Souza’s videos on the matter, for some crushing historical facts.  

So what happened? Rapper Kanye West visited the White House, spoke his mind on camera, and the media is crapping its collective pants. Just before that, Kanye made an appearance on SNL that saw him telling the crowd he had been bullied backstage for his political views. Don’t go on stage with that “Make America Great Again” hat they told him.


On the one hand, liberals love to tout their creds as the party of freedom, but on the other hand, their true colors are on display often enough, and we all get to see that the last thing they value is free thought and speech.

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Mikhail Metzel

Experts: Seraphim Hanisch

In Part I of this story, we reported on a very extensive piece in The Washington Times written by Rowan Scarborough, which described the Republican-led House committees who are investigating the connections between the Hillary Clinton campaign and the unceasing stream of allegations that Donald Trump's campaign was somehow involved in a collusion with agencies within the Russian Federation to influence the outcome of the 2016 Presidential elections.

This recent report fingered the fact that Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson went from a cooperative role in the interview to taking the Fifth Amendment and refusing to obey a House-issued subpoena. Speculation began to rise that this is because his prior interviews have been found disingenuous. We resume the report with heavy referencing to The Washington Times piece, with emphasis added:

The House intelligence committee’s majority Republican final report stated that “the political origins of the Steele dossier were then known to senior DoJ and FBI officials” in   October 2016. That was when agents used it to secure a court-approved wiretap on a Trump volunteer. Justice invoked the dossier three more times for a year’s wroth of wiretaps and never told the approving judge that it was Democratic Party research on Mr. Trump.

Now, Republicans are questioning Mr. Simpson’s veracity. Some examples:

He told the Senate Judiciary Committee that he had no anti-Trump clients after the election.

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Mikhail Metzel

Experts: Seraphim Hanisch

The Washington Times reported on Sunday, October 14th that the investigating committees run by the GOP appear to be closing in on the truth regarding the scheme to implicate collusion between the campaign of Donald Trump and operatives in the Russian Federation during the 2016 presidential election campaign.

The latest sign of success was the move of one of the individuals under investigation, Glenn Simpson, to invoke his Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate himself. This happened when he was subpoenaed by a House Republican task force which is investigating the overall conspiracy.

The Times reports:

Congressional Republicans are collecting evidence to show an extensive, election year, anti-Trump conspiracy between Hillary Clinton operatives such as Fusion GPS and Barack Obama appointees at the Justice Department and the FBI.

The investigation took a new turn last week. Fusion co-founder Glenn Simpson decided  to invoke the Fifth Amendment rather than testify under subpoena before a special House Republican task force.

The Republicans see Mr. Simpson as the key middleman between Justice and the Clinton campaign. He orchestrated the Democrat-financed dossier on which the FBI built its early investigation of candidate Donald Trump. Republicans believe the unproven dossier, with its charge of extensive Trump-Russia collusion, is a sham perpetrated by Democrats and  the press.

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